About MojoByJoe

Joe Walters has been a Crystal Sensitive and Jeweler Craftsman for  over 20 years (in this lifetime) as well as previous lifetimes. As a  Crystal Sensitive, Joe can work with individuals to identify stones,  metals and designs that will partner with one’s energy and intent. Joe has worked for Sterling Company (Jared Jewelers), Tiffany & Co,  and has done extensive custom work in both Gold and Silver out of his own studio. He has also taught Jewelry making at the college level and is planning small group classes in the upcoming months. As a  Jeweler Craftsman, Joe specializes in both new custom designs and  repurposing existing pieces in both gold and silver. He can also  resize, repair and restore those special pieces with care and precision.

Lori Strange works with Joe as a Crystal Sensitive and Holy Fire Reiki  Master. In a session, Lori will work with your energy to determine  which stones will best support and enhance your own energy. Joe then  incorporates those stones into a beautiful Necklace, Bracelet or  Anklet infused with Holy Fire Reiki, custom designed for you!

Jewelry Services

Jewelry Repair
Joe repairs all types of jewelry and can restore your gold, silver or platinum piece. All repairs include professional cleaning and inspection. You can trust Joe, as many customers have before, to fix and maintain your precious valuables. 

Commissioned Pieces
Joe creates unique jewelry with a precise and artistic aptitude for the art. Request your own masterpiece, or choose one of his one of his exclusive works. 

Jewelry Reconfiguration.
Have an existing piece that needs a new life or a new look? Settings can be lowered to make it more wearable, old wedding sets deconstructed and reused to make entirely new pieces. Have a ring but need a pendant? Joe works in all fine metals!

Jewelry Cleaning
Get your fine jewelry “detailed” to make it shine and sparkle like new! Your rings, earrings,  necklaces and pendants will undergo a professional inspection to make sure you aren't ready to lose stones or lose a section of your favorite keepsake. 

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Joe's handicraft extends beyond jewelry, as he creates unique wind chimes,  yard sculptures, and lamps.    IF you want something particular, please contact Joe to discuss your vision for a commissioned piece, or browse the site for his available pieces.